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Career Coaching: Services
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Are you considering a career in the salon, 

spa or wellness industry and don't know where to begin?

Looking to transition from a practitioner to a management role?

Find out:

  • The training required for your career path

  • How to apply for a professional license

  • How much you can expect to earn

  • If you are being compensated fairly according to industry standards

  • Which employers will provide you with your preferred work environment

  • Which skills are needed to stay on top


Are you almost finished with school or looking to make a career move and want to put your best foot forward?

If you have never interviewed within the wellness industry or it has been years since your last interview it can be scary. 

Let us help and be prepared by: 

  • Knowing what top employers are looking for and what to expect during the interview process

  • Learning tools & techniques through mock interviews with an industry expert 

  • Having your technical skills evaluated by a wellness industry veteran before the interview

Reiki Treatment
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Landing your dream Job

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